African Cup 2022: scandal after scandal

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The Cup, which started in Cameroon, does not please with its results at the moment. In nine cases the matches ended with the score of 1:0. Nevertheless, if you think that there is nothing interesting in the tournament, then you are deeply mistaken.

Did the organizers help the hosts of the tournament?

The first scandal erupted before the start of the tournament. The captain and the head coach of the national team accused the African football confederation of plotting to help the national team. Before the match, nine representatives of Burkina Faso were diagnosed with coronavirus. As a result, five players and four people went into quarantine.

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Representatives of Burkina Faso said that their team was deliberately weakened before the match. CAF sent doctors to the team, and it had to miss training. Instead of PCR tests, Burkina Faso players have been tested for antibodies. Also, the doctors violated the deadlines, since the tests must be carried out strictly within 48 hours before the start of the match. In the end, Cameroon beat the rival 2-1 thanks to a lucky penalty goal.

The referee blew his whistle prematurely twice in a row

The Mali national team suspended training before the match with Tunisia. The reason is a skirmish between government troops and rebels in western Cameroon. The camp is located about 20 km from the crash site. The result itself coincides with the emergence of a scandal. The referee Jeannie Sikazwe blew the final whistle before the normal time.

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He did it in the 85th minute, and then the stopwatch showed 89 minutes 42 seconds. The match had to restart after 40 minutes for the teams to play the remaining time. For the sake of this, even the press conference of the head coach of the Mali national team was interrupted, but the Tunisians refused to enter the field. By the way, if you want to best betting sites in india, follow the link provided.

The organizers played the wrong anthem three times

An unpleasant incident occurred before the first match with the participation of the Mauritania national team. The organizers played the anthem of this country three times, but made a mistake three times as well. There were no problems with the Gambian anthem before the match.

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Arsenal striker caught covid at a party before the Autumn Cup

The past few months have been going well for Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. And then the player caught coronavirus. Everything would be fine, but one of the managers of the Gabon national team contracted during a match before the African Cup. And another player of the national team Mario Lemina as well. Naturally, both players were subjected to merciless criticism from the public. Could it be otherwise? Lemina and Aubameyang have already missed their team’s first game in the African Cup of Nations. Want to know more about football and don’t miss the important latest football news in India? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.

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