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    A must-have aspect which means that the company passed a verification procedure by the licensing authority. Some countries develop their own licensing centres, while others rely on the commonly perceived international destinations. Thus, Curacao, Malta, and Gibraltar are usually considered the major license-givers, so betting on websites with their licenses is safe enough.
    That is the next level of preparation work that every bookmaker has to do when coming to the new location. For instance, every betting site has to add bank cards with rupees and PayTM when coming to India. Moreover, the transactions have to be fast, which means that the bookie came to the new market with long-lasting plans. So, when you see an attractive offer in terms of bonuses but without needed paying options or too long transactions’ speed – avoid such a football bookmaker.
    Recently, there have been plenty of opportunities to add a wide odds line for multiple sports events for every bookie. Of course, more options require additional payments for specific software providers. At the same time, reliable betting sites are ready to pay for odds lines’ scales, and their financial power directly correlates with the sports variety offer. Also, you can easily check a typical margin for a few events. If it’s 3-5% on average – that is a serious betting platform with high turnover and higher credibility.
    One of the most aggressive marketing approaches can be detected in the betting industry. However, that is a nice opportunity to earn more if you choose the most suitable operator. Thus, there are many types of bonuses (welcome offers, cashback, loyalty programs, no-risk bets), and only top bookies can offer the highest rates for almost every bonus option. For instance, the top proposition for Indian bettors is up to 4 lakh rupees in welcome bonuses, up to 20% cashback on losses, and regular no-risk bets.
    This item includes basic elements of the betting website from the developer’s point of view. Thus, it means that both User Experience and User Interface have to be comfortable. Browsing through the website should be smooth and fast enough with no lags. That is an obligatory sign of the serious approach of the owners.
    The presence of the mobile application is also a must-have element for the modern bookmaker. The overall digital trend turns to more frequent use of smartphones, and betting is among them. At the same time, both Google Play Market and App Store aren’t supporting applications for gambling, which forces bookies to offer mobile apps with separate download and installation procedures. If the download is made from the official website – it is usually fully safe.
    The comfort of the customers is also a crucial factor that should be realised on the highest level. As football betting sites attract a massive number of customers, who are wagering their money, some issues will always arise. In this case, live support 24/7 can resolve multiple negative aspects of the clients’ experience on the website. In other words, it simply helps to save nerves for both sides.

    Football-oriented specifics for India

    The list of major aspects for checking is a nice guide for newcomers, but it still cannot give the full picture of how the best wagering site for football should look like. As every sport is unique and developed in different ways in diverse countries, some crucial aspects should be explained. Below, we’ll describe the specifics of football betting with an emphasis on the Indian market.


    Although Indians prefer cricket instead of football due to the power of local tournaments and national teams, the world’s most popular game takes second place in their betting preferences. It means that in terms of markets that are interesting for Indians, there are two major directions: European and local. While the spread of top EU football is undoubtful with hundreds of odds for pre-match and live betting, the I-League or Indian Super League matches aren’t so popular in the world. However, if the bookmaker wants to enter the Indian market, it should be ready to add a comprehensive odds line for local football tournaments. Of course, if the bookie wants to call itself a football-oriented one, the more markets it covers – the better will be the trust.
    Even though the possibility to wager on domestic football events is vital for Indian bettors, the odds line for such tournaments should be wide enough. For the typical English Premier League or Champions League game, bookmakers usually offer a few hundred coefficients to choose from. Of course, there is no need to require a similar amount of odds for the football match against Indian teams, but it should be definitely bigger than the win1/draw/win2 proposition with no support of live games.
    This item often correlates with the previous one and shows how a particular bookie is ready for the new market. Indian wagerers must have the ability to check detailed statistics of both teams before the match. Also, a reliable betting website supports live football clashes with an animated video, which mirrors the main events on the pitch and what is going on. These are rather specific technical features and help to better understand the game and make more precise football predictions.

    Are typical top betting sites ratings fair enough?

    If you are reading this article, you have probably been looking for the rating of betting sites. And while the internet is overflowing with materials on this topic, most of them have other reasons than to show a real bookies’ rating. There are a few aspects that should be explained.

    First of all, all ratings are always subjective and cannot fully mirror the real situation. However, when it comes to the lists of bookmakers, an author can evaluate the platform according to his personal feelings. Also, bookies can offer money if they want to take the top place on their list. Logically, a lot of authors try to take a higher place in Google, which will automatically mean more money for the place in the rating.

    Luckily, it’s easy to define such texts as they are usually too massive. The top results include dozens of websites, which are mentioned rather often. Almost every mention of the bookmaker contains a designed button to visit and register on the betting platform. Every click by a reader means some cash for the author, so they place such buttons everywhere.

    It doesn’t mean that the mentioned websites are bad or dangerous. It just means that they care about the advertising and spend a lot on it. But it also means that the articles that describe them aren’t giving a full picture because they have another motivation. Let’s review this phenomenon in more detail.

    The credibility of top 10 betting sites focused on football

    When opening the list of top 10 betting sites made by diverse authors, you’ll surely see 70% of the same brands. It means that 7 out of 10 care about their reputation and are ready to pay for the authors and increase their credibility. It’s an undeniable fact that people like diverse ratings and tops, so such materials attract enough attention.

    However, the list of top bookies should be the only source to rely on when seeking a suitable platform. As it was described above, you can make your own check by using our 7-step guide and applying three additional aspects if focused on football bets in India. As a rule, advertising banners of every bookmaker contain the most attractive numbers, but the conditions to make it true are hidden or hard to read. It means that you can rely on the top 10 list but must double-check the information, which also comes from the banners.

    Simultaneously, the ratings can be some kind of a closed club. Thus, if a new and reliable bookie comes to a new market, it’s hard to receive a top spot in such lists. It means that when you see an incredible offer (let’s say 200% for the first deposit), it’s better to double-check the conditions and credibility of the bookmaking platform that offers it. A few minutes for information checking can bring a significant bonus right to your pocket.

    Where to find the best online betting sites in India?

    Even after the portion of critics towards the bookmakers’ ratings on diverse sites, they are still the source of useful info. As it was said, about 70% of the top bookies will be present in the majority of the top lists, and that is a nice default data to rely on. Of course, double-checking of the bonus offers are needed, but you’ll at least know which betting websites care about their status.

    Here at, we plan to make reviews of the best football wagering platforms as well. Special attention will be paid to the new attractive offers with an emphasis on the Indian market if the readers will show an interest in such materials, of course.

    How to check new betting sites oriented on Indian football?

    The core for such a check can become our 7-step guide on how to check any betting platform. Let’s go through it by applying specifics of India:

    1. License. The Indian government doesn’t have its own licensing procedure and permits bookies with Curacao or Maltese documents without any problems. However, some nuances can appear as every Indian state has the right to change betting conditions, even from online bookmakers.
    2. Payments. For the Indian bettor, there will be two main options: bank cards with rupees and PayTM e-service. To exclude any personal information leakages, one can choose the bookie with cryptocurrencies.
    3. Odd line. Here the presence of I-League and Indian Super League is a must. Even if you prefer betting on top European football, the presence of these tournaments means that the betting site came to India not accidentally.
    4. Promotions. As the higher promotions mean a more reliable bookmaker, Indians should look at the welcome bonuses starting from 10,000 rupees and ending with a few lakh rupees. The other types of promotions aren’t so crucial, especially at the beginning.
    5. Technical side. The wagering site has to offer English and Hindi languages and be simple for usage. Smooth functioning can be checked by browsing through a few tabs.
    6. Mobile betting application. The app also has to contain all the aforementioned aspects, including Hindi and rupees. Usually, it can be downloaded from the main page of the bookmaker.
    7. Live support. The ideal variant for the Indian bettor is to have the option to contact support 24/7 in his native language and via the most suitable option (email, phone call, live chat).

    The issues like the design of the football betting site are too individual to add to the checklist. Nonetheless, some bettors pay the most attention specifically to the UI and UX as they spend a lot of time on the platform and prefer making it with more pleasure.

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