Champions League 2021/2022 group stage results

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A strong snowfall in Bergamo poisoned an ideal picture of all the playoff participants for the recent UEFA Champions League. The match between Atalanta and Villareal was postponed and should be played today, where the last participant of the round of 16 will be known. Atalanta needs a victory only to claim the second spot in the group, while Villareal can be happy even with a draw.

The remaining participants of the UCL round of 16 are known. There were a few decisive matches yesterday, where Benfica, Lille, and Salzburg booked their spots for the spring clashes. A few hardly predictable outcomes also took place, as Barcelona and Sevilla didn’t pass their groups with theoretically weaker teams.

Now, 16 playoff participants will be divided into seeded and non-seeded ones. In the round of 16, teams from one country and the same seed cannot face each other.

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At the moment, the list of seeded teams is following (groups mentioned): Manchester City (A), Liverpool (B), Ajax (C), Real Madrid (D), Bayern (E), Manchester United (F), Lille (G), Juventus (H).

Non-seeded teams are (group): Paris Saint-Germain (A), Atletico Madrid (B), Sporting Lisbon (C), Inter Milan (D), Benfica (E), Atalanta/Villareal (F), Salzburg (G), Chelsea (H). A playoff draw will be held on December 13 at Nyon. Want to know more about football news and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.

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