De Bruyne with the fastest goal in the history of the Champions League semi-finals

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Kevin De Bruyne initiated the scoring fest in the Man City versus Real Madrid match (4 x 3). The Belgian scored after 94 seconds. It’s remarkable to note that nobody has ever scored so quickly in the Champions League semifinals.

  • Kevin De Bruyne made Champions League history
  • The Belgian became a semi-finalist’s fastest goal scorer
  • Man City’s midfielder was also awarded the highest marks for his performance in Real Madrid.

De Bruyne holds a new record in Champions League

Kevin De Bruyne is the champion of Champions League history. With 32 seconds to go, the Belgian hit Real Madrid’s net. It set a new mark for the fastest semi-final goal.

Man City’s man midfielder broke the record previously held by Bayern Munich’s Kimmich in the 2017/18 season. After three minutes, the German made it to the top of the shooters’ list.

Real Madrid lost to the Citizens in the first leg (4-3). Pep Guardiola players had many chances against their rivals before the break. Unused situations got their revenge in the second edition and the rematch Santiago Bernabeu promises be electrifying.

Kevin De Bruyne, however, received the highest grade for his performance against Kings. BBC Sport journalists awarded De Bruyne, a 30-year-old, a 7.83 mark. This was higher than the feat of Karim Ibn Benzema.

– De Bruyne scored in less that two minutes of play. He also received the highest rating – 7.83. This is above Karim Benzema (who scored two goals for the visitors including a daring attempt not to miss in 82nd minute) – reads BBC Sport.

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