Forecast for the match between Germany – Romania

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Qualifying match for the 2022 World Cup between the national teams of Germany and Romania. The Germans changed their coach, and frankly, Flick brought that aggression and pressure to the team that the Bundestim lost after the 2014 World Cup in South Africa.

Leo is a brilliant coach, but he is tired of constantly developing and changing football. The decision to leave was the right one, he is a great coach to be respected and he also left his mark on the history of football in Germany and the world. But let’s not stop there.

Flick has assembled a roster for himself, in which there are 1-2 professionals for each position, both young and experienced. The balance of speed and pressure, discipline and order, youth and experience – this is what this team is demonstrating at the moment.

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The German national team has 3 wins and a goal difference of 12: 0 for an instant, which demonstrates what I said above. On average, a team scores 3-4 games per match, and therefore, I think this game will not be an exception.

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As for Romania, the team should not count on the minimum result and the earned point in this game. My prediction for this match between Germany and Romania in the World Cup qualifier will be as follows: Germany will score over 3.5 goals, hopefully 2 before half-time, which is very likely.

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