Harry Kane – Best English Striker Ever?

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Harry Kane is the recent captain of the English national football team and leader of Tottenham Hotspurs. Being the orthodox striker without a huge speed and tricky dribbling, Kane can do everything on the football pitch to help his team.

It already brought him to the third position in the bombardier race in the national team and second for Tottenham, and he’s likely to finish on top at the end of his career, which can still continue for 5+ years easily.

Age, height, and early career

The story of Harry Kane started in 1993 when he was born in London in the middle of summer, on July 28. At the age of six, Harry entered the local football academy of Ridgeway Rovers but left it in 2001 to join Arsenal. However, the voyage to the Gunners was short, and so he returned to the Rovers in a year and stayed there until 2004, before joining another London’s club – Watford.

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Finally, the scouts of Tottenham Hotspurs believed in the talent of Kane and left him in the academy until 2009 and his professional debut. However, the initial steps in the Spurs’ squad weren’t successful, so Harry was sent on loan four times: to Leyton Orient, Millwall, Norwich, and Leicester. However, after the series of unfortunate transfers of strikers to Tottenham and the arrival of Mauricio Pochettino in 2014, Kane received a few chances in the main squad. In that season that ended in 2015, he scored 21 goals in the EPL and 31 in all the competitions, becoming the best striker in the team.


Stable growth and global recognition

After the great success in 2014-2015, a lot of experts stated that Kane was the striker of one season, meaning his limited talent to repeat the success. However, that was only the beginning of his career and attacking potential. By the way, if you want more information about football players, subscribe to football blog updates and stay up to date.

Pochettino built a rather interesting team with plenty of young guys, where the role of Harry was stably great. Kane was good in both scoring and assisting his partners, finishing the attempts from both legs and headings. In short, he became the best striker for the Spurs in seven seasons in a row, scoring 20+ goals every season. Moreover, he was the best attacker in the EPL in 2015-2016 and the following season. Logically, a lot of experts used the oral synonymy and called him the HurriKane – link to a weather storm with crucial danger for people. In this case, it was a fully approved nickname as Harry was a real danger for every opponent.

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Harry Kane football

During these years, Kane became a real power in the English Premier League and international level. Although his impact and scoring in the Champions League were limited, the English national team received a real leader and striker. The Three Lions gained a stable attacker who could support fast wingers, so Harry even received a captain’s role before the World Cup 2018. Now, with 48 goals in 67 games, he has joint-third place in the list of best strikers of England with Gary Lineker. However, the second Bobby Charlton has only 49 goals, while the first Wayne Rooney scored 53 – both targets can be achieved until the end of 2022 if nothing extraordinary happens. A similar story is with Kane’s second spot in the list of best bombardiers of Tottenham, where the leading Jimmy Greaves has 266 goals, while Harry has already scored 243. Only a transfer to another club can ruin the top spot in the club’s history.

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Net worth and playstyle

According to official sources, Kane earns about 12 million euros per season as a salary in Tottenham only. However, the sources notice that his recent net worth is only about 40 million euros, which seems to be a reduced amount of net worth. However, the spendings of Harry’s aren’t fully known.

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The playstyle of the English legend is pretty unique and a bit orthodox. With a height of 1.88 metres, he has a slim body with a weight of about 86 kilograms, which is enough to be good at playing with his head and opposing strong defenders. Without great speed and dribbling, Kane, however, is pretty good at controlling the ball. With a good vision and both feet’s usage, he can give a delicate pass to his partner, which made him the best striker and assistant in the season 2020-2021 in the EPL. Harry is also able to have a good understanding with his attacking partners, which was proved in Spurs (with Son Ming Heung and Dele Alli) and The Three Lions (with Raheem Sterling).

With the age of only 28, Kane has enough time to break the records for both Tottenham and the English national team. Most likely, after his career finishes, he will be regarded as one of the best attackers in English football history. By the way, in you want to win more with huge bonuses, higher odds, and without risks – visit our betting sites for football rankings page. A fresh review of the most reliable offers for Indian bettors will be helpful for you.

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