Ibrahimovic: I feel a slight panic when talking about the retirement

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic spoke about his thoughts on ending his career. The Swedish attacker started with a panic, which is part of his thoughts about his career finishing.

At the same time, Ibra admitted that he wanted to return to the pitch until he felt he had enough ability to deliver results for his team. Thus, he wants to take everything possible from his football career.

Zlatan also spoke about the adrenaline and desire to play. He explained that waking up every morning and going to the gym and training pitch cannot last for decades, and the desire to rest may once appear in the head in the morning.

Of course, Ibrahimovic reminded everyone that they should enjoy his play until he was able to come to the field. Because when he retires, none will be able to see his magic on the green pitch anymore.

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