Salah suggested who he would like for the Champions League final

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Villarreal was close to surprising the crowd at the Estadio de la Ceramica but Liverpool won the Champions League final. He will be there waiting for the winner between Real Madrid and Manchester City. Mohamed Salah spoke out about who he preferred to play for the Champions League cup during the discussions after the rematch. Real Madrid was his choice.

  • Villarreal won 2-0 to make up for the loss in the second half.
  • However, he conceded 3 goals after the break and lost 2: 3.
  • Mohamed Salah said that he would rather play against Real in the final

Are Salah and Citizens boring duel?

Geronimo Rulli was the hero of the game and helped Liverpool when they were in trouble against Villarreal. Two goals were scored by the Reds by their goalkeeper, who made some serious errors. Liverpool were able to advance to the final thanks to the Argentine. Liverpool’s win and promotion to the UEFA Champions League Final was made possible by Rulli’s howlers. The first goal was a disaster. Rulli totally misjudged Alexander–Arnold’s free-kick, giving Firmino an easy tap in. It was a screamer of a goal that completely deflated Villarreal as well as their fans in the stadium. Rulli again was at fault for Liverpool’s second goal right before half-time. Mane was able nutmeg Rulli far too easily, doubling the Reds’ lead. Jurgen Klopp’s team won 3-0, 3-1 aggregate. It is highly probable that Villarreal would have reached the final if it weren’t for Rulli’s mistakes.

Mohamed Salah, after the nail-biting match against Roma was unusually subdued during his post-game interviews. However, it was obvious that Salah had something else in his head, and the media couldn’t help but ask him questions. Salah quickly and decisively responded to a question about who he would rather face in the Champions League final.

He said, “I want to play for Real.” “They are an amazing team, and one of the top contenders every year for the title. Manchester City is a tough opponent that we have had to face several times this season. However, at the end of it all, I must admit that I would rather face Real.

Salah’s words elicited mixed reactions from pundits and fans. Some were nervous about facing such a formidable opponent early in their European campaign. Others welcomed the opportunity to face such an illustrious competitor. Whatever happens in the final match, Salah will play at his best to win his team’s victory over the current champions of Europe.

Liverpool became the first English team in the Champions League final in 10 years in 2018. The Reds were defeated by Real Madrid in the last game but they are determined to win this year. Their star forward Mohamed Salah, who was injured in last year’s match, is at the core of their determination.

Salah wants to take revenge on Real Madrid, and believes that Liverpool can achieve redemption. In a recent interview, he stated that “We lost then” and that he would like to play again with Real Madrid. “And I hope they win this time.” Salah is well aware that Real Madrid has not completed his business and is determined to make amends for the loss.

Since their 2018 clash, both teams have made significant progress. Liverpool currently sits at the top of this table and Real Madrid is struggling near the bottom. It promises to be an exciting matchup between the two teams as they battle for European glory. Let’s see which team wins this time – Liverpool and Salah could be the winners!

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