USA vs Mexico football match prediction

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North American leaders’ match is up to your attention. The USA needs points in this match a little more. They will play at home, so we think there will be more motivation and strength for them. A handicap 0 for the USA looks pretty interesting here.

The USA takes 2nd place, with 9-4 and 11 points. Mexico is in 1st place, with 10-3 and 14 points. The USA shows excellent results; the team is in good shape. They have only one defeat, and it was in the away game. At home, the guys played 3 games with 5-2 scoring results and no lost matches. The draw with Canada confirms that they are a strong team. In general, the United States is now on the rise in football, and its level is growing.

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Mexico is the leader in the group, 3 points ahead of the USA. In terms of goals, everything is super: they play cool in attack and perfectly defend their net. They have zero defeats, so we take a handicap of 0 for the USA to decrease risks. Their away results are great with a 4-1 scoring rate, but they haven’t played against the top teams like the USA and Canada.

The regarded national teams play rather often with each other. On average, the United States plays consistently at home; they have almost all indicators on an equal footing. There is no advantage of guests or the home team, and there are often draws as well. So, USA – Mexico, Handicap of team 1 (0), with the coefficient of 2.06. Want to read more football predictions for today and don’t miss the attractive odds? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.

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