Angola vs Egypt football match prediction

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The favourite here is clear, and these are the guests. The Egyptian team is stronger and more powerful. Hence, one can bet on their victory. Yes, even according to the table, they need this victory more. By winning here, Egypt can close all possible questions and qualify for sure. Angola does not decide anything in this match. Egypt takes 1st place with 10 points and 6-1 difference. Angola is 4th with 3 points and 3-5 difference.

The favourites pragmatically scored 10 points in 4 games with six goals only. However, this is Africa, and this is an excellent indicator; for some reason, there are few attacking games here as a rule. Egypt drew with Gabon and won Libya, both teams higher in the standings than Angola.

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The Angola national team lost its chances to qualify, so it’s hard to predict how they will play in this match. Someone can say they will attack more, but it will give chances for Egypt to score 2-3 goals. The home team is playing better on their pitch with 3-2 stats. They were defeated by Libya and won over Gabon.

Angola – Egypt, the victory of team 2 with the coefficient of 1.95. Egypt has all the motivation to play well in this match. Their national team is stronger, while points are needed. Want to read more football predictions and don’t miss the attractive odds? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.

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