Fabio Aurelio: Neymar should have won the Golden Ball

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Many regarded Neymar as the “golden child” of Brazilian football and the greatest hope since Ronaldo. He can certainly boast of many accomplishments but it is hard not to believe that he could do even more. Fabio Aurelio a former Liverpool player, says that the Brazilian should win the Golden Ball throughout his career.

  • Recent months have seen a lot of criticism for Neymar
  • Many fans say that you don’t pay much attention to matches and training.
  • Fabio Aurelio argues that the Brazilian has lost his potential


It’s a career that can get the best out of you

Since many years, the Paris-Saint-Germain striker has been regarded among the top players in the entire world. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo both called Neymar a brilliant footballer and were destined to great accomplishments. His achievements and career are full of trophies. However, Neymar has been in a downward spiral since his transfer from FC Barcelona (PSG) to Brazil.

The attacker couldn’t refer to the form he presented with the Blaugrana colors while in Paris. Neymar For a long period, his performance was less than well-received. However, there were rumors that he was suffering from alcoholism and was trying to isolate him from his teammates in the locker room.

Fabio Aurelio said that Neymar’s inability to behave himself cost him his Golden Ball.

– I never said I would ever be disappointed by him. Given his ambition and skills, it is hard to believe that he never won a Golden Ball. He did all he needed to, but he was unable to understand why something happened. He might find some things more important than playing football, the ex- Liverpool player said.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi have been at top for around 10-15 years. It is rare to hear about their difficulties off the pitch. Unlike Neymar. He shouldn’t get involved in scandalous situations, as he was made for great things. Maybe he sees the mirror now that he has matured and is haunted.

“He’s still Neymar. He’s still capable. But you can see he’s not in his former condition,” concluded.

After PSG’s exit in the Champions League, rumors circulated that Neymar was being sold. According to media reports, Paris club leaders were fed up by Neymar’s behavior. They believe that he has not lived to their expectations.

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