Man United is considering three scenarios for parting ways with Ronaldo

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It is possible that Cristiano Ronaldo will leave Manchester United in the winter. The English club has begun to consider potential scenarios on the matter.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo is causing problems for Manchester United
  • More and more information about a winter parting with the Portuguese player is emerging
  • The English club is considering three scenarios

Manchester United facing a difficult decision

Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Old Trafford last summer to represent Manchester United again. It seemed like a great decision for both parties. As time passed, the player and the club began to regret it. The Portuguese can’t break into the starting eleven, plus he causes disciplinary problems (he refused to get on the pitch twice).

The current contract binds Ronaldo to the English giant until June 30, 2023. However, Manchester United is considering saying goodbye to the Portuguese as early as this winter. The Premier League giant has three options for ending the partnership. The first is the simplest, as it involves paying the 37-year-old a severance package of £9.6 million, the amount Ronaldo would have earned by the end of this season.

Manchester United could also theoretically terminate Ronaldo’s contract because of the disciplinary problems the Portuguese is causing. However, this could be time-consuming. A third scenario involves the potential sale of the 37-year-old to another club in the winter transfer window. Ronaldo has been linked with playing in the MLS, among other things. The Portuguese is seen at Chelsea by the owner of that club. Convinced to bring the 27-year-old, however, coach Graham Potter is not. The Manchester United sniper is also being linked with Roma, where he would have the opportunity to work with Jose Mourinho again.

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