Manchester City took the lead after Chelsea lost to West Ham

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The change of the EPL leader was a matter of time as three teams were chasing each other with a few points difference.

However, it happened in the 15th round, when Chelsea lost to West Ham 3:2 in the away match. The Blues were leading twice during the match but weren’t able to take even one point. A late goal by the hosts showed that the fourth place for West Ham was not accidental.

The change of the leader happened right after Liverpool won their game against Wolverhampton. The guests faced a rather organised opponent and were able to score only once, and in the additional time to the second half. However, even 0:1 was enough to take the top position in the rankings before Manchester City’s game.

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The Citizens were also playing an away game and didn’t face problems from the side of Watford. They scored three times, while the hosts answered only once closer to the game-ending. So, 1:3 and top spot grabbed by Manchester City.

Manchester City has 35 points, while Liverpool is only one point behind. Chelsea has 33 and actually is one victory away from regaining the lead. Want to know more about football news and don’t miss the important news? Subscribe to and receive the latest updates to your email.

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