Messi’s return to Barcelona possible. Argentine puts condition

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Lionel Messi is not going to extend his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, as many news sources are saying. This means he might go back to Barcelona. But first, he wants Gerard Pique to leave the club. They had a disagreement when they were both playing for Barcelona before.

  • Messi is only under contract with PSG until the end of the season. Although the player will make a final decision after the World Cup, it seems he has no intention of extending his partnership
  • Barcelona dream of the legend’s return to the Camp Nou. Joan Laporta spoke about this last summer
  • La Pulga might agree to such a move, but only if Gerard Pique leaves the club. The men quarrelled at the end of their career together in the Catalan capital.

Messi in, Pique out – Argentine sets condition for Barcelona

There is a lot of talk about one player moving from one team to another. Joan Laporta said that FC Barcelona will try to get Lionel Messi to play for them again. As the Blaugrana president put it, “he owes it to the player”.

When La Pulga left Camp Nou in the summer of 2021, it came as a huge shock. There was a reassuring message coming from both sides, suggesting that a contract extension was only a matter of time. Ultimately, however, funds could not be found to allow the Argentine to remain with the team where he had spent the lion’s share of his career. He ended up at Paris Saint-Germain, where he signed a two-year deal, most likely with an option to extend for another season.

Messi’s friends are sending a message that he does not want to make any decisions about his future until after the World Cup in Qatar. Even though some people say that he would be willing to return to play for the team in Barcelona, Messi has a condition – Gerard Pique must leave the club first. The two men have been friends for a long time. They played on the same youth team and then later on the senior team for thirteen years. But then Pique reportedly told the club president to get rid of Messi because he was being too demanding and not allowing young players to develop.

The 35-year-old’s condition might happen even if he does not want it to. Pique’s contract runs until 2024, but the partnership could end early by a year if Pique does not play enough minutes this campaign. So far, the veteran has been only Xavi’s fifth choice among central defenders. The situation might change soon given the serious injuries to Jules Kounde and Ronaldo Araujo, but the club would be happiest if they could remove the defender from the payroll. This is because he has one of the highest salaries on the team.

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