N’Golo Kante – Two Hearts in a Tiny Body

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The story of N’Golo Kante is really unique. In football, which was evolving into the side of ball possession, technique, and skills, the defensive midfielder found himself perfectly. Moreover, he made his work so great that many experts and fans fell in love with his playstyle, which is far from fast dribbling and regular goal scoring. Kante can even be compared to a superhero who does a lot of unnoticed and useful work but is still shy and doesn’t require any additional public attention.

Birthday and early career

Looking at N’Golo Kante now, it’s hard to believe that such a shy guy was born in Paris. However, that is true and happened on March 29, 1991. Of course, being one of the global fashion capitals doesn’t mean that every child born there will love a rich lifestyle. But still, it looks uncommon that a person with millions of dollars in annual salary can come to the training session without his luxury car.

The small height of Kante (only 1.68) was an obstacle to reaching an excellent football career. Many football academies try to sign up a contract with taller athletes, who are more effective in opposition to strong opponents. Nonetheless, the academy of JS Suresnes decided to give it a try for N’Golo, who spent 11 years there until joining Boulogne’s one in 2010. By the way, if you want to make successful bets on a football match, we recommend that you follow the link provided.

In just two years, Kante tried his forces in the senior team and even played 38 matches in the lower French division for Boulogne. There, he was noted by the scouts of Caen, which played in a stronger but still not Ligue 1 division. Nonetheless, it meant that the youngster could have plenty of time in the main squad and polish his skills in the real games. In two seasons for Caen, N’Golo played 74 games for the club and even scored four goals from the position of a defensive midfielder. The real breakthrough happened in 2015 when Kante was already at the age of 24.

n'golo kante footballer

Triumphal move to England and EPL title with Leicester and Chelsea

However, a quite late ignition wasn’t an obstacle for N’Golo after he moved to Leicester in 2015. The transfer fee was really small – about only 6 million euros. With Mahrez and Vardy in the squad, the team led by Claudio Ranieri made an almost impossible – won English Premier League in the season 2015-16.

Although the two aforementioned attacking players made a statistical impact (most goals and assists made by the English and Algerian), the invisible role belonged to Kante. With a more creative Drinkwater as the midfield partner, N’Golo was a person with two hearts who could accomplish double work in the toughest pitch part. And while Vardy and Mahrez stayed in the Foxes squad for the next season, Chelsea saw the real engine of that victory and bought Kante for about 35 million euros.

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The year 2016 became a real turning point for the NG. Since then, he was called to the French national team and became an inevitable part of the Blues’ squad. Thus, he helped to earn silver medals in the Euro 2016 and was a driving force in 2018 during the victorious World Cup 2018.

n'golo kante footballer best

Kante also repeated a unique achievement of another legendary Frenchman – Eric Cantona, who won two consecutive EPL titles in diverse teams. Thus, N’Golo helped Chelsea to claim a title in 2016-2017 and was one of the main figures in the Champions League season of 2020-2021. For about seven years, Kante has been regarded as one of the best midfielders in the game, who has an incredible work rate that helps his teammates to spend more time on attack.

Playstyle evolution and net worth

Although N’Golo is often regarded as the defensive figure on the pitch, he can’t be regarded as the classic defensive midfielder. Of course, his role in Leicester’s squad was a bit simpler and only defensive; moving to Chelsea and playing under different coaches forced Kante to change and adjust to other schemes and game approaches.

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Thus, the arrival of Maurizio Sarri in Chelsea meant tough times for the French midfielder. The Italian coach preferred more technical players who could deal with a ball under pressure, so Sarri even asked to buy him Jorginho, a direct competitor for Kante. However, the impact of N’Golo was so huge that Maurizio and other coaches were forced to change the game scheme to find a place for the NG. Simultaneously, N’Golo also improved his skills in ball control and helping partners in attack, so he now easily can perform in diverse midfield positions.

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What relates to the playstyle, Kante has a really unique one. With a height of only 1.68, N’Golo can fastly change the pace and direction of his move, which allows him to be more effective against technical opponents that use dribbling. At the same time, NG is always moving on the pitch and predicts possible moves of his opponents, which allows him to press the opponents faster and more effectively. Taking into account that none saw Kante tired or exhausted on the pitch, it makes the Frenchman one of the best power horses in modern football.

The issue of money and net worth is also rather interesting. Thus, Kante earned about 8 million dollars when he joined Chelsea in 2016, but then his annual earnings rose. Thus, now N’Golo adds about 15-20 million dollars per year, according to the new contract deal. So, his estimated net worth should be around 70 million dollars in 2022, while some sources still say the Frenchman has about $23 million. By the way, in you want to win more with huge bonuses, higher odds, and without risks – visit our betting sites for football rankings page. A fresh review of the most reliable offers for Indian bettors will be helpful for you.

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