Zhilstroy-1 lost the least to Real Madrid in the first match of the Champions League

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The Ukrainian Zhilstroy-1 lost the least to the Spanish Real Madrid in the home match of the first round of the women’s Champions League group stage.

In the middle of the first half, after the rebound of Lorena, Navarro ferried the ball into the goal of Gamze Yamana, scoring the only goal in this match. After the break, Zhilstroy-1 players tried to seize the initiative. However, the hostesses periodically made mistakes, allowing Real Madrid to launch dangerous counterattacks. However, the score did not change, and the meeting ended with a minimal victory for Real Madrid. Zhilstroy-1 – Real Madrid – 0: 1.

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Goal: Navarro (33).

Zhilstroy-1: Yaman, Aleksanyan, Apanashchenko, Shmatko, Anastasia Voronina (Basanskaya, 68), Petrik, Khavanskaya, Shevchuk, Boychenko, Sadykoglu (Anna Voronina, 86), Ovdiychuk.

Real Madrid: M. Rodriguez, L. Rodriguez, Peter, Andres, Galvez, Del Castillo (Meller, 84), Sornos, Florentino, Carmona (Robles, 74), Navarro, Garcia (Corredera, 88).

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